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We help you make the right financial decisions by bringing the correct information to your reach. Data is the only thing that influences our choices, and we provide high-quality financial data extracted from various sources.

Our Mission

Financial literacy to all. That is the mission that drives us to do the things we do best; We help people make the right decisions regarding Investment or Trading.

Welcome to seben capital
Who Are We?
Starting point of everything big
We are a group of people with diverse backgrounds. We have interests in Finance, Information Technology, Ecommerce, Digital Media, and Transportation. We have a diversified portfolio of in-house startups dealing in those segments. Apart from that we also believe that it is our responsibility to guide the people around us to make the right decisions with their money.
Company Founded
In house startups

Our Services

Capital Market
No matter where you invest your money, the final destination is always the capital market. This is where the money you invested grows. So it is always better to have an idea about this, isn’t it?
  1. “Anveshan” - We provide in-depth research on Capital Markets, which are extracted from various sources. “Anveshan” is the summary of all the information that you need to know.
  2. “Utkarsh” -We provide you with the information and tool to make you become a good trader. This is only available for a closed group of people selected after proper screening.
Having a Transporation Aggregator company in our portfolio, we do provide in-house insurance solutions for all two and four-wheeler category vehicles.
We also provide health and other insurance services on the requirement.

A good consultant is someone who has plenty of failures in his portfolio. Because without failures, there is no learning. We have plenty of failures in several areas, and those failures are why we know how not to do things.

Abhuyday(Credit repair)

We all face ups and downs, and if those restrict you from standing again, we can help. With our credit repair service, we can help you improve your credit score and become credit-worthy.

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