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Money is not the only thing we invest in. We must also be good investors of our time, energy, focus, & love. Our current life is a reflection of the wisdom of our past investments. We help you to figure out the value of something and then pay a lot less.
“The secret recipe for success in the stock market is simple.
30% in market analysis skills, 30% in risks management,
30% in emotion control, and 10% in luck.”
— Benjamin Lee


As the saying goes, the better you are at researching, the better decisions you make. Research requires lots of time and effort, and it’s better to get a summarized research report from a professional than doing the research yourself.

With “Anveshan,” We provide you with the weekly market analysis report covering all market segments like Equity, Derivatives, Commodities, Forex, and Even the cryptocurrency market. The concise information helps you to take a broader outlook on the market and make the right decisions.


An in-house trading program designed for the winners. Our in-depth training program covers all the topics such as :

a) Macroeconomics
b) Cash Market
c) Derivatives Market
d) Commodities Market
e) Fundamental and Technical Analysis
f) Personal Management and Psychology
g) Money and Risk management

After completion, we analyze your performance on live market situations, and the best ones get the opportunity to trade at our trading floor.

We'll help you-

“An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
Benjamin franklin

Make the right decisions in the financial market

From the opening of the market to the closing bell, the decisions we make decide the result. With our in-depth insights, you get an information edge over others which helps you make the right decisions. The market works on human psychology, and it’s all about the way we behave in certain situations.

Manage your risk properly

When it comes to trading, risk management is something that can keep you in the game for a long time. On the other hand, poor risk management can blow your account faster than you think. Success in the stock market is all about timing your entry and exit and Risk rewards ratio. With a risk-reward ratio of 1:3, you can still make money by just being right 30% of the time.

Master the trading psychology

The market is driven by fear and greed. Human behavior is something that defines the direction of the market. The way you react to certain situations determines your ability to become a successful trader. Trading is all about discipline and emotions. If you can master both, nothing can stop you from getting success in capital markets.

Create systematic trading setups

Trading setups, if created right, can make you money for an extended period. Trading is a game and having a proper strategy and setup is the key to success. First, we make you understand the game’s rules, and then you create a setup that suits you the best. All setups are not for everyone as we have different behavioral aspects. We guide you through the process of creating a setup that works for you.

Staying Ahead Of The Game

The only thing which can differentiate you from others is your edge. It can be your knowledge, your emotion, or your technique. For us, it is our professionalism, experience, and the technology that we use.


Whatever we do, we do it professionally. Because we believe that professionalism is not a tactic, it is more of a moral value.


Our experience comes from the mistakes that we have made over the years of our engagement with the capital market.


Out technologies give us the ability to predict the market with better accuracy. Technology is something that we constantly evolving.

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